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Customer Testimonials

comfort harness

"I've been raising and showing dachshunds for nearly 20 years.  One of the biggest challenges I faced was finding a harness and clothing that fit a dachshund properly!
Everything I tried was too short or too tight in the neck, 
which made my dogs choke every time they pulled.
Then, KC showed me her hand made dachshund items. 
These clothes are amazing.
Finally, someone makes stylish and functional dachshund clothing . 
My dogs can still run and play while wearing them because they don't restrict 
their movements.
And, they're surprisingly affordable!
Once you try KC's dog clothing, you'll never need anything else!"

- Maryann Nash, Owner, Mom's Dachshunds

"Rocky loves his new Comfort Harness! The Tweenie dachshund size is perfect for him!  Thanks!  

Keep up the good work!"

- Desi Kral, Ohio

"The Cutest and Best coat ever!

Bosco loves his Comfort Harness too!"

- Tammy Cagno, Ohio

"The Comfort Harnesses fit perfectly!

Trying to get my 4 pups together for photo was impossible.  

These Comfort Harnesses are Wonderful!

Daisy won't let me take hers off!

Petey, Leo, Duke, & Daisy are happy!"

~ Pat Quan, Nevada

"Enzo & Lucy love their new Waterproof Rain Jackets!

My husband just walked them in the wind and rain and, they are both dry!"

~ Cindy Goldberg, Washington

"Milo loves his Happy Face Comfort Harness.

Fits him perfectly!"

~ Donna Ruland, Ohio

"I Love Vinny's Comfort Harness and, so does he!"

~ Jenny Crocker, California

"My husband and I just purchased a dachshund from Maryann Nash,  and she put a Comfort Harness on our dog, Lula.  Lula did not pull at all, and she went running around in the yard, not pulling at it or anything.  We also purchased a Waterproof Winter Coat, and I put that on her also, and she did not mind it being on her.  I have sewed all my life, the workmanship on both articles is superior!  I would recommend purchasing clothes from KC's Custom Dog Clothes to everyone!"

~ Sharon Volpe, Ohio

"I just got Bo's Comfort Harness!

What can I say? 


It fits perfect and is gorgeous!

He looks so handsome!

Bo now has a Purple Comfort Harness & a Waterproof Winter Coat to add to his collection!

I recommend KC's Custom Dog Clothes to everyone because the products are excellent and, they're all made with love!"

~ Pamela Nogach, Pennsylvania

"Yay!  Thank you so much!!!

Arrived today as scheduled!

This is a very well made coat!

Otto is now ready for El Nino with his 

Waterproof Winter Coat!"

~ Emma Green, California

"I received both Comfort Harnesses and Waterproof Winter Coats for Heiny (top & center) and Platy!

They are very well made and look good!

I have purchased harnesses from other places but, they come nowhere near the quality of 

KC's Comfort Harnesses!

The workmanship on the coats is amazing!

Better than the quality I can find for my own coat!

I will recommend KC's Custom Dog Clothes 

to all my friends and family!"

~ Rhonda Chrisawn, North Carolina

"Olive says... A Big Thank You to KC's Custom Dog Clothes for her warm & cozy Waterproof Winter Coat.

It fits perfectly & even covers those few extra inches of doxie bum that regular dog coats never cover!"

~ Kimberly Barratt, Ohio

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